Five Foundations to My Blog

4 01 2010

So here we go, these are the Five Foundations I will cover that will explain the importance of “Being a Man”. I cover these over a gradual period of time.  Once again the purpose of my blog is to convince men that if they treated all women with respect, etc. and acted like men of virtue then the world would be a better place.

The first is Responsibility. With privileges, obviously comes great responsibility.

The second is Honesty. To be Honest, is to be real, genuine, authentic, and bona fide.

The third is Respect. The simple golden rule comes to mind: Treat others as though you would want to be treated.

The fourth is Virtue. Virtues are more essential than values. They strengthen the will and dispose it to the right action.

The fifth is Loyalty. Our loyalties are important signs of the kinds of persons we are to become.

I have chosen all these for a reason, I believe these are the essential  principles men must follow to become men in their relationships with women. I look forward to further detail in coming blogs!




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