6 01 2010

How often have you heard your friends break up with their girlfriend or boyfriend over a lie told to them, often in case done repeatedly? We find this a lot in broken relationships. Honesty refers to being real, genuine, bona fide, and authentic. Women are looking for men who aren’t fake and will be honest in their relationships and vice versa of course. Honesty is a fundamental condition for human interaction and exchange, for friendship and all genuine community.

Honesty expresses both self-respect and respect for others. Honesty opens up the relationship, and makes it more genuine. How could you learn and get to know the person if your being dishonest with her/him and yourself? This makes me wonder all time how can you put that different face on? You need to be your true self in a relationship.

With Honesty it expresses lives with openness, reliability and candor; you look to be in the light and not the dark. If your dishonest you seek concealment or cover from oneself. I think it is really hard these days with all the temptations that surround us. This is when our morals and values really come into play. If we practice and surround ourselves with honest, I believe it becomes easier.




2 responses

7 01 2010
Bret Simmons

Great thoughts. What you are talking about is also called authenticity and transparency. Keep it up! Bret

7 01 2010
Raymond Gurries

Thanks Bret for the comment! I’ll be sure to follow up on those two topics in later blogs! Thanks for reading!

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