The Importance of Virtues

9 01 2010

Today you do not hear often about virtues, rather most of the time it is morals. I have read and believe that there is a significant difference between morals and virtues. Values come up short when it comes to making men moral. Having good values is great, but the battle of morality is not such much about knowing what is right as it is doing what is right. There is a huge difference in wanting to do the good  and actually doing it. Today many men who commit a serious offense against their spouse know what they are doing is wrong, but yet they are unfaithful despite their values. Further proving that right values do not always translate into right action.

Virtues aren’t born in us. We learn them from our parents starting at a very young age. Aristotle wrote that good habits formed at a very young age make all the difference. We learn basic virtues such as honesty, compassion, courage, and perseverance through life’s lessons.

With men, we want to be good husbands and fathers, but this want is not nurtured by virtues-the skills needed for successful moral living- success will be unlikely. An example would be like driving a car. If your always the passenger and the biggest fan of cars around but don’t know how operate/drive the car, your obviously lacking the skills to drive the car. Virtues are the necessary skills required to navigate our lives through this world. They will help us live a successful life. Either we’ll be cruising life on a sailboat or shipwrecked without the tools to get back on the right course in life!




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