11 01 2010

Loyalty is to me is related to responsibility in many ways. Our loyalties are important signs of what kind of people we have chosen to become.  In many times our loyalties are how we are often judged and looked upon by other people. Our loyalties mark our steadfastness in the people, places, ideas that we deliberately decided to associate ourselves with.

Now loyalty is a big part of “Being a Man”. If you don’t live out your loyalties you are not a credible person. Sure our loyalties change throughout our lives for many reasons, but if you adamantly profess your belief in something and don’t live it then you are not credible. Being loyal in a relationship obviously is very important. A relationship cannot grow if one person in the relationship is not loyal. Our image can be damage in a matter of seconds. Tiger Woods is a prime example. They guy has everything he could ask for, but it goes to show how bad decisions can ruin a great life that he already had. If your selling yourself in some aspects that are false, then you are living a fake lifestyle and your peers will doubt your trust virtues.




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13 01 2010
Susan Petty


You bring up a basic concept that seems prevalent in the business world as it relates to brand-loyalty. I realize you speak more of the human element, and I agree that loyalty seems to be a fluid phenomenon. When we declare our loyalty and the other party damages us in some way or act irresponsibly, do we still owe them our loyalty? In other words, does loyalty, by definition, connote that we are required to see past hurtful behavior and remain loyal? I think not. Relating it back to the business world, the threat of withdrawing loyalty (boycotting), is a very powerful motivator to keep many companies honest. Thanks for your thoughts!!

13 01 2010
Raymond Gurries

I totally agree with you Susan! Loyalty in the business world needs to remain constant. If the loyalty is betrayed, business should no longer be done with that disloyal partner, because if you look past it they simply may turn their back on you again. Thanks for reading and your comments!

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