Importance of Relationships

12 01 2010

Today I went to sushi with a friend and I asked what other activities she liked to do in her spare time. She brought about how important it is to keep up good relationships with friends. She said a simple thing like going to coffee and chatting are things she loves to do with her friends. I really believe this is true. Making a good friend and keeping in touch can be a challenge these days, but we can learn so much from the relationships we make in life. Sometimes I fall in this challenge, with a hectic and busy lifestyle  its hard. But we shouldn’t have excuses because if we are true friends and care for the well being of our friends we wouldn’t have that sorry excuse. This brings me to my other value of living life with a purpose.

I think as we get older we see the importance of relationships more in our lives. A good friend has no cash value. I think we should all make it a habit of fostering those good relationships with friends and to continue to make new friendships that have meaning. I think its almost as were doing now in personal branding. Share your value(s) with your friends, and in return you gain knowledge from them. If we just say the normal Hello-How are you-Goodbye conversations, don’t expect much in return in the relationship. Live life to the fullest among your Friends!!




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