Relationship Rules for Men

13 01 2010

Well I want to talk about some important tips that I found on a bookmark that I received when I was a teenager. These are more than tips. These are are life rules for men in regards to relationships with women. Again, I want to emphasize the importance of men taking responsibility for actions in relationships. So here are two that I will start off with and more will come in later blogs.

– The parents of my girlfriend place their trust in me. I will not violate it.

– I will respect my girlfriend as I expect other men to respect my sister.

Even though I know these are basic norms that every man thinks they follow.  I see most of the time in my life that these norms often go in one ear and out the other in mens lives. The first norm above is very simple.  Men should not throw away the trust given to them by their girlfriends parents and mistreat their girlfriend in any way. The second norm  follows suit with the first in that you wouldn’t want any man to mistreat your sister so remember to respect your girlfriend with the expectations you have of other men.

Remember the choices we make define our character. It is often easy to make the “easy choice” but think of the consequences down the road that this choice may lead to. Mike Severy had a great blog about Choices. I think everyone should read it.

Lastly I added the quote above, under my title. It is from Braveheart, one of my favorite movies. I think best describes the purpose of this blog and how we as men should act in helping to make the world a better place.




4 responses

13 01 2010

After reading your post I’m curious if there is any possible way that you might be able to tell this to every single man that lives? More men need to think this way. It sounds like it is most likely that you are more of a man at your age then any man I’ve met with the one exception of my brother.

I think you might possibly be on to something with this and you might want to consider reaching further outside your blog!

Thank you.

13 01 2010
Raymond Gurries

Thank you very much for the comment. My purpose is to reach out to all men, but specifically to men my age. Because that is where is where I have seen the decline in men being real men. I’ll will try to expand my purpose further into new areas and hope to continue to start having men think twice about the way they act.
Thanks for the comment and reading my blog,

20 01 2010
Guy Ryan

Ray gurries, that was some deep stuff and you opened my mind, your such a good figure to look up to. I respect you a whole bunch

20 01 2010
Raymond Gurries

Thanks Guy for the comment and read! If we can work on these virtues and not just say we have them but really use them, I think we will start to see a change among our friends and peers.

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