3 02 2010

Life is a gift. So why do our actions sometimes not represent how grateful and thankful we should be for all that we are given in our lives. I sometimes of course am a example of this way of acting. I feel strongly that even in those times where we may be down on ourselves, there is absolutely NO reason we should feel sorry for ourselves. Life is not fair, twists and turns are thrown our way every new day. It is how we act and go about each new challenge, will be the way we will be remembered and hopefully at the same time  making an impact in other people’s lives.  You here all the time live life with no regrets! I try to laugh a lot because my friends often just laugh at my distinct laugh.  Each day is a new day and smile and sing out loud(even if you don’t have a great voice) often! 🙂

With society being the devil these days, I think it is hard for men to resist those everyday temptations from friends and society. Well we need to be men of fortitude and stand up for our beliefs and not give into the easy way out!  Just think in the short term you may be laughed at but your virtues will continue to grow making yourself that much more of a man of virtue.




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