Chivalry Tips For Men

22 02 2010

Being a gentleman has and always will be a must in my household. Growing up this was very important to my parents.  I think the last words my mom always said to me whenever I left the house to go on a date or a dance with a girl were, “Be a gentleman!” And this sentence always stuck with me throughout the night. Because if I knew if my parents found if I were to somehow mistreat the girl I was with it would be my head. Being a gentleman though goes beyond just being on dates and certain occasions. We need to be gentleman all day, everyday.

Chivalry is a word that has been around for thousands of years. And when most people think of chivalry they think of knights, the dark ages, and kings and queens. It is derived from a Greek word that means knight and when it was used thousands of years ago it was usually associated with knightly virtues, honor, and love. Today we use it to describe it with courteous behavior, usually with women.

I have some basic chivalry tips for men that I will write about in three blogs. I got these tips from my grandma, she found these in a newspaper a long time ago. My grandpa needed to be an absolute gentleman to please my grandma, and he was obviously. My grandpa always acted like a gentlemen.  Here are the first four:

1. Stand when a woman enters the room. – This makes perfect sense to acknowledge a woman when she enters the room. Sometimes you can get lax at this when there is a lot of people present in room, but woman shouldn’t be ignored when entering a room. It’s just common courtesy and way of being polite. In a way you show superiority to them by not standing and acknowledging their presence.

2. Stand when a woman is getting up from a table or approaching your table. – This tip is similar to the first in that by standing up you can now either pull her chair out for her or you can properly say goodbye to her in a respectful manner.

3. Open all doors. (building, automobile) – This tip is probably the easiest to remember and master. If your an older guy and didn’t know this rule by now then you have some work to do. I would have to say that women appreciate this action a lot. Go out your way in any case to open any door for a woman.

4. When going up an escalator, stand behind the woman.  – This tip was new to me when I had first read these tips, but it makes perfect sense. In case a girl would fall for some reason you want to be able to catch her, whereas if you were in front of her you would be useless if she fell. Hopefully this situation wouldn’t happen to you but this is good to know in case it ever did.                                                       source-Beth Ann McLane Clark

So those are the first four! More to Come! Like I said in earlier blogs, women today are looking for more gentlemen! So follow these and impress that  you always liked and admired!

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship”                        – St. Thomas Aquinas




2 responses

23 02 2010

It is good that your parents cared enough to instill those kind of values.

23 02 2010
Raymond Gurries

Thanks for reading my blog! I believe that hopefully parents these days will wake up and realize how important of a role model they are to their children. We can always be examples for our parents if they choose otherwise!

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