The Final Tips

24 03 2010

You probably have been waiting a while for the rest of the gentleman tips. I apologize, its been a crazy last semester of school so trying to find time to sit down and write has been frugal.

So here they are, I am going to give you the final eight on the list!

5. When going down an escalator, stand in the front of the woman. – This relates to the previous tip, obviously it makes perfect sense though. In case say your girlfriend falls you want to be able to catch her.

6. In bad weather, extend your hand or arm to help a woman walking. – This is a very important tip and this doesn’t necessarily have to involve bad weather. You can extend your hand to help a woman walk anytime. Particularly with your grandparents you always to help them out. My grandma’s always appreciate the help whenever a hand is led to her by her grandchildren.

7. A gentleman should extend a hand to a woman rather than wait for her to offer her hand first. – I find this to be very important. Extending your hand first establishes confidence in yourself and your masculinity.

8. Don’t use “terms of endearment” such as sweetie, babe, or honey right of the bat. Show respect. – A woman won’t have any respect for you if one the first date you start calling her babe. As the relationship grows and you become more comfortable then be my guest and call whatever she permits!

9. Be a good listener. Listening is not a passive process; it is an active one. – This is one tip I am trying to work on heavily right now in relationships. I think active listening is vital to life. It helps the relationship grow and you learn so much more from each other when you practice active listening.

10. Don’t monopolize the conversation, and especially don’t talk about yourself continually. – I thought this was an interesting one because I am not quite the chatterbox but I like listening to other people’s stories. It is rude to continually talk about yourself in a conversation and I try to avoid doing that.

11. Be Punctual. – I think women appreciate men who care and arrive on time to life events. If you act and have body language that you just don’t care, why would a woman want characteristics in a man like that?

12. Always exude warmth, honesty and sincerity. – Probably the most important tip saved for the last!  A basic tip that I have often not seen in guys today. Selfishness is rampant in society today and I hope guys wake up and realize that women are not putting up with the garbage any longer.

~source -Beth Ann McLane Clark

Thanks to all my Readers! And I hope you spread the word! Stay tuned for future blogs written about the book called “Be a man” by Father Larry Richards




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