Stay Focused on the Final Goal

26 04 2010

I have started a book called “Be Man!” Becoming the Man God created You Be.” -by Father Larry Richards. Just based on the first chapter so far I think every man should read this book no matter what religious denomination you are affiliated with. I am not going to give away the whole chapter either, just a brief synopsis. The first chapter talks about being a man who is focused on the final goal. I think a lot of us have thought about how we want to be remembered once we leave this earth. It is pretty serious to think about if I were to die tomorrow would I be satisfied with the way I have lived my life so far?

Father talks about how we cannot control death.  That is why we must always look at the way we are living our lives and to ask ourselves are we living with the end in mind? Any relationship grows with time that is why we must keep spending time with God in prayer. The truth  always leads us to God. God helps us stay focused on our goals in life and keeps us disciplined. So have those end goals in mind and be someone who lives for eternity!




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