Being a Man Who Lives as He is Loved

14 09 2010

Wow, obviously it has been a while since my last post. With summer over and school now finished for myself I will have more time to post. I will stop slacking and improve my blog action. I got caught up in the busy lifestyle over the last several months. I hope that everyone that has read this blog hopefully continues to find at least one helpful word of advice.

Now to get back to the good stuff. I mentioned last time in my last post about the book I was reading “Be a Man”. The second chapter instills that how important it is for us to listen both in our faith and the real world. Whether we believe in some sort of superficial being or not, God(in my case), deserves our full intention and we should take time in silence to listen to him each day. This helps us not only receive words of wisdom but also improve our humility. There are much more important things in life than just taking care of ourselves and our personal needs.

From my faith point of view, God choose us to be instruments of his word, and his love for us is eternal. God is constantly talking to us. But so often we choose not to listen in our busy lifestyles. Reading the Bible and spending time in silence are great advice the book mentions. Our lives are filled with relationships and we cannot make these just the normal everyday routine ones.

Hope Everyone is in good health and Happy Fall!




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