Being a Man Who Repents

14 10 2010

Continuing on with the book “Be a Man”, this post is about the importance of being a man who recognizes his faults and acknowledges to do better. I have found in society today that people often have a hard time saying sorry for an act that might have hurt another person. I also believe with the author that with all the temptations in the world today, men are more tempted by the external than women. Men today have a concupiscence to them-a desire to rebel. We all want to be macho men or guys that are without fault in life. Reversing our mindsets a little, men today need to be pillars for their wives in relationships.

Some of you maybe familiar with the term sin. It is a term referred to as a offense against God if you are a Christian. We all commit sins in which we are sorry for. However there is a difference in just saying “sorry God” or being truly sorry and asking God for grace in helping not to commit that sin again. We have to have true repentance and take responsibility by being done with these offenses. We all fear hell-which is external separation from God. So in order to prove we want to be with God we have to have true repentance. If the only reason we come to Christ because we are afraid of hell we are being selfish and acting out of pride.

A couple great quotes from the book:

“Being sorry is not enough, Be a man and grow in relationship with God. Love for God is what will keep you from sin.”

“Control is not in our hands, God is in control, realize that and hand our life over to him.”

We can all make an examination of our conscious and go to confession. These simply acts can help us become better men and be closer to God.  Simply trying is not good enough for God. After confession we need to pray for strength and grace to do better.

“Stop entertaining those vain fears. Remember it is not feeling which constitutes guilt but the consent to such feelings. Only the free will is capable of good or evil. But when the will sighs under the trial of the tempter and does not will what is presented to it, there is not only no fault but there is virtue.”~ St. Padre Pio




2 responses

14 10 2010
Nick N

This is great Ray, very well composed by a true scholar.

I have found in my faith and walk with God that turning from sin and repenting is one of the hardest things to do. God is angry with sin he hates sin, and if we stay in a sin that keeps dragging us into the evil ones ways, that means he is winning. Sin makes Christ angry, that is why he says in Matthew “if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into hell”. I think Jesus is saying that sin is a BIG deal. The best example I have heard of true repentance of sin is, not saying a certain number of prayers, or trying to earn favor with God, but to walk away from sin in the opposite direction, and follow the truth in Jesus and continue to walk towards him.

Ray, hope your well. You and the fam are in my prayers.

15 10 2010
Raymond Gurries

Nick – Your a stud and correct. Thanks for the comment. As our relationship with God grows we become stronger men and that helps us live out and conquer our daily temptations. Your always in my prayers too.

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