Being a Man Who Lives in the Holy Spirit

25 10 2010

Chapter Three

Everyday we wake up looking for answers and seeking truth. Truth is if we call ourselves Christians we need to surrender ourselves to God and let God control our lives. This is however intuitively opposite of how we think today. Most of us are control freaks and don’t like handing power over to other people. Our egos often get in the way of reality. The culture today portrays society as being able to choose whatever, do whatever, and everything will-be-fine attitude. Drugs, free sex for all, money, these are the things that a man could possibly ever need and you will be satisfied. Many guys these days I hope are finding out that this is entirely wrong and finding themselves with an empty purpose in life.

Truth doesn’t come easy. Truth is something we need to search for everyday. And as Christian men we can call upon the Holy Spirit to help guide us in our daily lives in that search for truth and grace to live a life-like Christ did. A great quote from the book: “The spirit of the living God gives us the power to serve, not power for self-promotion.”

Romans 8:5 says “Those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh.” And these things being like money, power, position, etc. These are all things of the flesh-items that are hostile to God. We need set our minds on the Holy Spirit -gifts of life and peace. Now of course the hard part is to stay focused and do the will of God. They key as Father Larry Richards says is to surrender to the Holy Spirit and let it guide your life and the decisions you make. Other wise we die because of our lack of discipline.

And to end on a positive note, her is another quote from Blessed Mother Theresa that I found Matthew Warner’s Fallible Blogma. The secret of living a joyful life.

“We are at Jesus’ disposal. If he wants you to be sick in bed, if he wants you to proclaim His work in the street, if he wants you to clean the toilets all day, that’s all right, everything is all right. We must say, ‘I belong to you. You can do whatever you like.’ And this is our strength. This is the joy of the Lord.” – Mother Teresa




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