Strong in Faith and Will

3 11 2010

Everybody wants to stay in good physical shape. It is natural and both good for our bodies to crave those workouts that make us feel better. This is of course going to make us feel better naturally in the long run and make us live longer lives perhaps but what good is a strong body but a week spirit. I for one love to work out because it makes me  feel better each day, but the goodness of working out doesn’t satisfy my need for spiritual food and prayer.

Father Richards explains the need for men to be strong in faith and will. We as men gain all our strength from God. We have to take up and accept our responsibilities. Life is not fair and often we get thrown curveballs every now and then but our strength in God is what helps us overcome these. We can’t just give up! Father talks about having self-control over some addictions we may have. We will die because of lack of discipline. We can’t just spend all our time working out our physical bodies and ignore our souls everyday. Sure we’ll all be looking like models but the genuine ladies won’t care. They want strong men of faith and morals.

Discipline is huge for us. Men are attracted to things with their eyes and women with their feelings. Of course we when we see a beautiful women pass by we are often going to look. As Father said, we should say, “God you do great work.” The key is we have to avoid looking at women with lust. There are three things we need to overcome this temptation. First we need a good prayer life. Second, we need to surrond ourselves with good friends. And third, we need to sacrifice and be servants of the Lord.  Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” It does wonders when we surrond ourselves with good friends.

Obedience will help us follow in Christ’s footsteps. Lastly, I heard on the radio from one of my favorite priests Father John Corapi the other day, that humility is a tool that can overcome any obstacles or addictions we have. It is extremely powerful. Humility makes us have the courage to accept pain and suffering and offer it up to God. Jesus is the prime example for us.





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4 11 2010

Ray, I hope you get a chance to meet Fr. Richards this weekend at the Conference (!

I get daily meditations on the Gospel in my email, and today’s talked about the company we keep. The priest who wrote it talked about how we start to become like the people we spend a lot of time with, and then he posed the questions, “Am I spending enough time with Jesus? Am I becoming more like Him? Do other people see His traits coming out in me?” Definately food for thought. Especially on the Feast of St. Charles Borromeo, who was ordained a bishop by his uncle, Pope Pius IV, when he was only 22! Here’s the link:

4 11 2010

Oops! Take the “)!” off of the end of the link to the Conference schedule, and it’ll take you to the right page.

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