Seeing Life in the Perspective of Eternity

9 12 2010

Reading this chapter of the book “Be a Man” emphasizes the importance of being wise. And it really puts in perspective us living not for today but for eternity. We may wake up some days with a full plate of activities and forget to ask God what he wants us to do.

What is wisdom? The world today can compare wisdom to all the necessary smarts you gain from going to school. But actually wisdom is looking at things the way God would instead of what the world would think. Wisdom is in everything in life; family, politics, our jobs, and everyday struggles. Are we going to use the wisdom God gives us or just live please our selfish desires and everyday needs? This is no easy task obviously but that why there is God’s grace to help us. And finally we need to act in accordance with what God wants and not to be worried about what others think. We have to be men who seek to please God!




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