Being a Man Who Changes the World

18 01 2011

Happy New Year everyone! As 2011 rolls in, its crazy to think that I started this blog a year ago already! I hope that everyone is in good health and that 2011 will bring many blessings to you and your family!

I have decided to summarize the last three chapters into one posting because I felt the need to finish the book. I have some other good books lined up that I have started to read. And to all those reading the book, the final chapter is one of the best.

So finally all men are called to be men that change the world. We need to realize the importance of our manhood today in that we can’t settle for mediocrity.  “Don’t go with the flow,” -(Father John Corapi) “Because dead men float downstream.”-(Archbishop Sheen) These two quotes make total sense to myself. Since when in society can we get by going less than full effort. Everything from sports, to academics, we all strive to do our best. It should be the same with our spirituality and manhood. We need to be focused on our vision God has for us. We can always take the easy road when we run into rough times but that is when God wants us to stand above the rest. By answering the call to holiness we receive graces to overcome temptations.




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