Go for the Gold

30 03 2011

This post kinda relates to the downfall of mediocrity post. The video below is Father Corapi  talking about striving  for excellence. I have seen it so often today about the lack of work ethic in our young people. Society today is promoting a lot of free giveaways.  In that nothing should need to be worked for. All you need to do is just ask it shall be given to you. This is not right though, because strong country’s are built upon hard work and sacrifices made for each other. How can children grow up responsibly without learning good work ethic. Parents play a huge role in this development and I am lucky learning from my parents knowing of the sacrifices they have made for me. This is so critical in todays society. So I challenge you to take up your cross and go that extra mile! It feels good knowing you have given it your all and strived for the best.




One response

30 03 2011
Uncle Marc

Raymond, can you email me the direst link to this clip on being a man , thanks

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