Sexual Healing

16 06 2011

With the dominant theme in society being that sex has no consequences, I couldn’t help in wanting to post this video below about the effects of having that mindset.  To add to it, I think that we as men need to step up to the plate and start being responsible for our actions. Too many men these days are blaming everyone but themselves for their actions. When couples enter a relationship often times they lack the mature intention of giving oneself to the other person. This is why so many relationships fail. This can’t be the mindset of relationships with the mindset of “seeing how much I can get out of her.” Sex is a intimate expression of total self-giving. It  is an act given selflessly to your spouse. As is mentions in the video, many are hurt as a result of their actions but God is always ready to pick up those are in need of help.

From the description of this awesome video:

A poem I originally wrote for open mic at Pacific University. The poem highlights our culture’s blind obedience to sexual norms, when it only seems to reap destruction. Pleasure is more at our fingertips in America than ever before, and yet depression steadily rises every year. It only shows that sex as recreation, or just for fun, is unable to satisfy us the way we were meant to be satisfied. Sex is good, in it’s proper context. This poem mainly focuses though on anyone who has been deeply affected, hurt, and damaged by sexual sin. Forgiveness and mercy are given freely by Jesus. He cleans, restores, and heals us beyond measure and asks nothing in return. He saw all our sin and filth before he went to the cross and it was still his joy to go get us.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”-Matthew 11:28




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