Firm in the Faith

12 10 2011

As summer has just blown by, I obviously was missing in action! I was extremely blessed the past summer with some tremendous fun times and spiritual graces. I had the opportunity to go to Europe for a month and a half . I visited Rome, Assisi, Padova, in Italy. Then from there I traveled to Madrid, Spain and went to World Youth Day with Pope Benedict and 1.5 million other youth from around the world. And then to cap it off, I traveled to Hamburg, Germany  and visited my cousin who lives there.

I received so many blessings as I traveled throughout Europe. No major mishaps or accidents, which is always a relief. So many highlights from the trip I could write ten pages about it. But the major highlight had to be World Youth Day in Madrid! I was able to join the community that both my brother and cousin are in with a two-week pilgrimage. I was with seventy other guys from around the world and it was just an awesome experience making new friends and sharing in the faith. We checked out some awesome sites around Madrid and were led by the priests of the Home of the Mother throughout the pilgrimage. We all received a lot of spiritual guidance  from all the members of the Home. Certain truths that stood out  as Father explained  were that, “A man will never be a man, unless he is a man of prayer.” The opposite is a man full of “substance”(vices, addictions, etc). We need to be men of the spirit and not of superficiality. We have to have a foundation house of prayer, otherwise we a just a shack blowing down in the wind.

Above is a picture of myself with my Brother Benny, Sr. Sasha and my other brother Spencer.




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