All In Good Time

1 03 2012

“Ask and it shall be given to you; seek and  you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened for you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it shall be opened.” – Matt 7:7-12

We live in a demanding society where we would like everything now, now, now. As the saying goes, Speed Kills. The spirit of selfishness is out of control these days. It is utterly disgusting. As I was speaking to my friend today as he brought up an important fact that, “Gods time is outside of this world, and he is all-knowing of what will happen tomorrow and in years to come.” So when it comes to prayer and our relationship with God we so often ask for his intercession now and along with that an answer! Asking by no means is of course a good thing because without asking we become victims of our selfishness of having all the answers. And we certainly don’t have all the answers. Asking, makes us more humble human beings and it shows our humanity in its true form. We come to know the love of God, the Father, has for us.

The first condition for any petition to be effective is the that you conform our will to the will of God’s. Every time we acknowledge the fact that this is indeed the will of God we grow in the virtue of humility. Two virtues that help with this understanding is patience and wisdom. Two virtues which I always am praying for an increase for and I recommended for everyone else. And also I recommend saying at the end of every prayer you make, Not your will, but thine be done.-Luke 22:42

And I’ll leave you with this great quote from St. John Vianney:

“Won’t you agree with me that, if we do not receive what we ask God for, it is because we do not pray with faith, with a sufficiently pure hear, with enough trust, or because we don not persevere in prayer as we should? God has never denied and never will deny anything to those who ask for his graces in the right way.” – The Cure’ d’Ars, Sermon on a Prayer 




2 responses

1 03 2012
Sara Miller

Oh, patience is truly a virtue; a virtue I struggle with on a daily basis.
To help, I try and remember some of my favorite words of wisdom…
“Let nothing disturb thee, let nothing dismay thee, all things pass, God never changes. Patience attains all that it strives for. He who has God finds he lacks nothing, God alone suffices.” St. Teresa of Avila

2 03 2012
Raymond Gurries

Thanks Sara for the great Quote and comment! That is a good I’ll have to remember!

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