Conscience The Guiding Light

11 03 2012

Conscience is sometimes a difficult concept to explain to the average Joe. Simply put, “Conscience is the light of the soul, of what is deepest in man’s being; and if this light is put out, man is thrown into darkness and can commit the most dastardly abuses against himself and against others.”(Francis, Ferdinand) Luke 11:34, says Your eye is the lamp of your body, says the Lord. Therefore conscience is the lamp of the soul, and if we form it well its light up the way which leads to God, and we can make progress because of it. We can fall our journey but the good news is that we can get right back up on the path. Those that choose to have their interior sensitivity “drowned out” will lose those signposts and become lost. Those things that surrond us and have a negative impact on our lives have sometimes the upper hand and control our actions. Have the courage to overcome them and challenge yourself to do things out of the ordinary that will help you feel better and not have this “false” sense of happiness that society gives us. You can always tell a false sense of happiness in another person because their lives are left unfulfilled in things that can’t satisfy their souls.    During this period of Lent, our prayer is that our consciences open up to the will of God. That we become more open to his will and follow it without complaint.




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