Living Example For Life

13 03 2012

This post has special importance to me being that it is the 13th of March, my brother Ben’s Birthday today. Brother Ben had a tough road growing up. I would often beat up on him or pick on him being that he was the next in line. But Ben always could defend himself and loved to give it back right to me. Since he is the second of the clan, we shared a room ever since he was born and for his friendship and brotherhood I am eternally grateful. We have a lot great memories growing up together and have learned much from each other. Brother Ben now is brother with the Home of the Mother, both a religious and lay community in Spain, studying to be priest.

As I said Ben had it tough growing up because he always had to live up to the older brother(myself) and didn’t always make the best decisions. But Ben’s story is one we all go through in some point in our lives, struggling to find the will of God in our lives. He found out that his choices weren’t always what is best for his soul. He had problems with pornography and drugs among others(Ben’s conversion story written by himself will be available to read soon), and are too often thought of as being “no big deal” type of issues in today’s culture. But these are the things that eat through a man’s soul and life. Through all his struggles though, he overcame the fleshly desires of the world and choose holiness. His conversion can be an example for all of us. Why can’t we step out of our comfort zone, sacrifice a little and follow the will God has for us. Conversion is not a easy thing, don’t get me wrong,   both prayer and sacrifices have to be made in order to overcome all our troubles. Whoever would save his life will lose it; and whosoever loses his life for my sake will find it. -Matt 16:24 Sacrificing is inevitable and cannot be done lets say half-heartedly, because many prayers get answered through sacrificing. Too often I have even given into the easy road and need to always remind myself of getting out of my comfort can bring many blessings to myself and those around me. So here is to my bro on his Birthday, “Thanks for being such a great example to us as a man living his faith.”




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