Living Example For Life

13 03 2012

This post has special importance to me being that it is the 13th of March, my brother Ben’s Birthday today. Brother Ben had a tough road growing up. I would often beat up on him or pick on him being that he was the next in line. But Ben always could defend himself and loved to give it back right to me. Since he is the second of the clan, we shared a room ever since he was born and for his friendship and brotherhood I am eternally grateful. We have a lot great memories growing up together and have learned much from each other. Brother Ben now is brother with the Home of the Mother, both a religious and lay community in Spain, studying to be priest.

As I said Ben had it tough growing up because he always had to live up to the older brother(myself) and didn’t always make the best decisions. But Ben’s story is one we all go through in some point in our lives, struggling to find the will of God in our lives. He found out that his choices weren’t always what is best for his soul. He had problems with pornography and drugs among others(Ben’s conversion story written by himself will be available to read soon), and are too often thought of as being “no big deal” type of issues in today’s culture. But these are the things that eat through a man’s soul and life. Through all his struggles though, he overcame the fleshly desires of the world and choose holiness. His conversion can be an example for all of us. Why can’t we step out of our comfort zone, sacrifice a little and follow the will God has for us. Conversion is not a easy thing, don’t get me wrong,   both prayer and sacrifices have to be made in order to overcome all our troubles. Whoever would save his life will lose it; and whosoever loses his life for my sake will find it. -Matt 16:24 Sacrificing is inevitable and cannot be done lets say half-heartedly, because many prayers get answered through sacrificing. Too often I have even given into the easy road and need to always remind myself of getting out of my comfort can bring many blessings to myself and those around me. So here is to my bro on his Birthday, “Thanks for being such a great example to us as a man living his faith.”


Conscience The Guiding Light

11 03 2012

Conscience is sometimes a difficult concept to explain to the average Joe. Simply put, “Conscience is the light of the soul, of what is deepest in man’s being; and if this light is put out, man is thrown into darkness and can commit the most dastardly abuses against himself and against others.”(Francis, Ferdinand) Luke 11:34, says Your eye is the lamp of your body, says the Lord. Therefore conscience is the lamp of the soul, and if we form it well its light up the way which leads to God, and we can make progress because of it. We can fall our journey but the good news is that we can get right back up on the path. Those that choose to have their interior sensitivity “drowned out” will lose those signposts and become lost. Those things that surrond us and have a negative impact on our lives have sometimes the upper hand and control our actions. Have the courage to overcome them and challenge yourself to do things out of the ordinary that will help you feel better and not have this “false” sense of happiness that society gives us. You can always tell a false sense of happiness in another person because their lives are left unfulfilled in things that can’t satisfy their souls.    During this period of Lent, our prayer is that our consciences open up to the will of God. That we become more open to his will and follow it without complaint.

All In Good Time

1 03 2012

“Ask and it shall be given to you; seek and  you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened for you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it shall be opened.” – Matt 7:7-12

We live in a demanding society where we would like everything now, now, now. As the saying goes, Speed Kills. The spirit of selfishness is out of control these days. It is utterly disgusting. As I was speaking to my friend today as he brought up an important fact that, “Gods time is outside of this world, and he is all-knowing of what will happen tomorrow and in years to come.” So when it comes to prayer and our relationship with God we so often ask for his intercession now and along with that an answer! Asking by no means is of course a good thing because without asking we become victims of our selfishness of having all the answers. And we certainly don’t have all the answers. Asking, makes us more humble human beings and it shows our humanity in its true form. We come to know the love of God, the Father, has for us.

The first condition for any petition to be effective is the that you conform our will to the will of God’s. Every time we acknowledge the fact that this is indeed the will of God we grow in the virtue of humility. Two virtues that help with this understanding is patience and wisdom. Two virtues which I always am praying for an increase for and I recommended for everyone else. And also I recommend saying at the end of every prayer you make, Not your will, but thine be done.-Luke 22:42

And I’ll leave you with this great quote from St. John Vianney:

“Won’t you agree with me that, if we do not receive what we ask God for, it is because we do not pray with faith, with a sufficiently pure hear, with enough trust, or because we don not persevere in prayer as we should? God has never denied and never will deny anything to those who ask for his graces in the right way.” – The Cure’ d’Ars, Sermon on a Prayer 

Always Thirst For Holiness

17 05 2011

Happy Easter Everyone! Hope everyone is having a great Easter Season! It has taken me a while to write this new blog post just from bouncing back between ideas going on in my head. I think though, as a challenge for men this Easter season is our call for us to continue our thirst for being holy men. I heard today that we can always think of ourselves as being holy and perhaps thinking this may be a detriment to us. We can never do this though because until we die and our lives are examined who is to judged us that we have lived holy lives except for God. That is why we always want to continue to live holy lives. As I said in previous posts, the downfall of living in mediocrity can be a cancer. You may have all the worldly goods but in the end you might not end up being truly happy.

“Why should we be Holy Men” 

Jesus preach holiness to each and everyone of his disciples during his ministry. ‘You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is Perfect.’ – Matthew 5:48. Jesus takes the initiative, if he doesn’t here, then the possibility of becoming saints would not be possible. As I heard the other day from Father Francisco Nahoe, we have to be beings that crave virtues and not worldly items. Living virtuous lives helps us become better men. As we grow in virtues and desire of holiness, we help avoid that vice of lukewarmness and mediocrity. It helps us take initiative in the relationships we make everyday. But especially with those women we may be courting or our spouses. They other day I heard my friend say that most men lack the courage to be “the man” in the relationship. Its really a pitiful situation if you think about it. But with the way our culture and society are these days I am not surprised. So I want to challenge the men today to be “Holy Men of Virtues.” Always continue to pray for virtues: humility-that we gain the ability to accept the truth, and specifically for Hope-one can only effective desire something when there is hope of attaining it. And finally to sum it all up perfectly below with a quote from St. Gregory of Nyssa!

“If we truly think of Christ as our source of holiness, we shall refrain from anything wicked or impure in thought or act and thus show ourselves to be worthy bearers of his name. For the quality of holiness is shown not by what we say but by what we do in life.”

-St. Gregory of Nyssa